Windows 10 - No Sound

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Windows 10 - No Sound

Message par depprussell » mer. 4 juil. 2018 16:18

Hi everyone,

Got given a laptop a few weeks ago and have gotten back into playing WoW. It's a Sony Vaio series and has windows 10 on it. However, the sound does not work on the laptop. I've looked at basically every troubleshooting suggestion and tried them all but nothing is working. I feel like the only options I haven't tried is rolling back to Windows 7 or apparently going into the Bios thing and changing settings there, but I read I could cause damage to the laptop if I do something incorrectly. Was just wondering if anyone had any kind of tips to fix this, or if this has ever happened to anyone where you have tried all options but nothing has worked. Even when I plug in headphones they don't work. Is my sound stuffed and should I buy an external sound card?

Please help.

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